The Caboodle – How to Survive the Night Before a Contest Announcement


UPDATES: some *new* distraction ideas came in last night! See below the last picture of Santa (obviously, I have a Santa-thing, right?) 😉

Ah, this writing life. So full of waiting. And waiting. I have a lot of lovely friends who’ve moved a few more steps down the Yellow Brick Road to publication, and I can tell you that it just seems to get worse. Each new milestone leads to a whole…lot…of….W.A.I.T.I.N.G.

I haven’t really passed Go yet, so I can’t really compare, but right now the waiting has got my skin itchy to LEAP OFF AND RUN AWAY WITHOUT ME. Because tonight is the night before I find out if I’ve been selected as a Writer’s Voice participant.

mean-santa-mainI love writing contests. Pitch Wars changed my life, and I’m forever grateful. But the waiting the night before the big announcement is hideous. It’s like Christmas Eve, but with MUCH higher stakes than wondering if your partner will get you sardines for your stocking again this year. We’re talking hopes and dreams, either on the wing backlit by the rising sun of your bright horizons…or crashed on the floor in a pile of bloody feathers. No in-between here, guys.

So short of pulling out your eyebrow hairs one by one, what’s a dying writer to do to pass the time? I checked in with a group of friends for ideas. Here’s a few to get you through the stranglehold of Time.

Honestly, I thought most people would vote for this:


But this one won by a landslide:


Eat. Cook. Cook some more. Eat some more. Bake a triple layer chocolate cake with caramel fondant. Try your hand at Baked Alaska. Pick something at random from the Art of French Cooking. You know you want to, and you need your strength.

The next winner: addicted-to-video-games-lawsuitGo forth and game. Get lost in Hyrule. Skyrim. Equestria. Save those F’ing bears in Soda Crush. The more complicated and involved, the better.

Here are a few others:

thneed*Knit yourself a Thneed. Hide in it for a few hours. Unravel it. Knit it again.


*Read to Kill a Mockingbird backwards to see if you can find clues about whether or not Go Set a Watchman was really “lost” all these years.

Ho ho  HOly crap, you've gone C.R.A.Z.Y.
Ho ho HOly crap, you’ve gone C.R.A.Z.Y.

*Unpack all your holiday lights. Put them up. Dance on the lawn in their cheerful glow.

*Go to sleep. Stop blogging about Santa and Zelda. Go to sleep and grab your cajones and have the courage to embrace hope as you drift off. Wonderful things happen everyday. Let your heart soar with sweet sugarplum visions of all your wishes coming true. Because sometimes you just have to dream big! 🙂

*And now that you’re awake and you’re like this…

crazy train

…you need some more distraction. Another write friend suggests you:

documentaries*Watch Video Game documentaries (it’s a gamer’s world, eh?)

*Watch The Proposal. I second this. It’s hilarious. There’s another one I’d also recommend, a Robin William deep cut on Netflix called World’s Greatest Dad.

Tweet me at @tracielmartin1 if you have any more ideas on how to survive the next 15 minutes!!!!!!!!

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